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Sue Google, Then Visit The Dollar Menu

posted Sunday Dec 5, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Sue Google, Then Visit The Dollar Menu

Google Street View is no stranger to scandal or bad publicity but no matter how hated it is, it just can't seem to take a hint. Sure you can opt out of Street View rather easily but it's just not as fun as a lawsuit, which is exactly how the Boring family felt after taking Google to court in 2008.

Ultimately, a Pennsylvania district judge threw the case out in 2009 but in February 2010 the appeals court allowed Aaron and Christine Boring to pursue compensation for the charges of privacy violation, trespassing, and negligence. After, 2 years of annoying Google as well as the courts they did finally prevail and were justly compensated for their efforts in the amount of $1. That's right, $1, and this is what the courts had to say about it.

Of course, it may well be that, when it comes to proving damages from the alleged trespass, the Borings are left to collect one dollar and whatever sense of vindication that may bring.

Google got owned....well not really, but at least this lawsuit wasn't boring.


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