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CES 2011 - Kenwood's Pandora Radios

posted Saturday Dec 4, 2010 by Scott Ertz

CES 2011 - Kenwood's Pandora Radios

I am starting out this year's CES coverage with a little info about some new products we will be seeing at this year's show. Kenwood will be showing off 9 new car head units that have the ability to control Pandora.

Here's the killer - it will only work with iPhones connected directly through USB. This, of course, leaves out a lot of users. Such as, the largest collection of mobile phone users - Android.

That failing aside, this feature will be available in several series of radios. All of their new in-dash nav systems will have it, the top tier CD-based systems as well as the two CD-less units will also be equipped.

Despite the oversight of Android phones, this seems like it could be a cool new trend in head units. It would be nice to control Pandora from the radio instead of having to use the phone. Having to plug the phone directly into the unit is a little annoying and the fact that it won't work with Android, BlackBerry or webOS phones is also frustrating but maybe we will see this addition in the future.


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