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Hulu Plus Open to All US Residents, BRAVIA and PS3 Users Included

posted Sunday Nov 7, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Hulu Plus Open to All US Residents, BRAVIA and PS3 Users Included

More content, more devices, same price. That's what Hulu announced this week regarding their Hulu Plus subscription service after rumors of a possible price cut last week.

As Hulu is becoming more and more popular, and as cable TV subscriptions are plummeting at a rate of 500,000 subscribers a quarter, Hulu is looking for new and exciting places to show off their goods. On top of announcing this week that their Hulu Plus service will be arriving to PS3 users and Sony BRAVIA 2010 TVs this week and that the Hulu Plus package is now open to all US residents, Hulu's also added several new fall shows to the premium package. The only down side to all of this is that Hulu firmly believes their $10/month price is working, and they're sticking with it.

For the full press release, hit the break.

Since we kicked off our preview of Hulu Plus, it's been our mission to continually add more devices and content to the Hulu Plus service. Over the past few weeks, we've added several titles to the Hulu Plus service, including new fall shows like Raising Hope, No Ordinary Family, and The Event, and back seasons of hit shows including Monk, Psych, and Battlestar Galactica. Today, we're also happy to announce the availability of Hulu Plus on Sony BRAVIA 2010 TVs, with the service expanding to other BRAVIA devices in the near future.

As we scale our infrastructure throughout the preview period, we want to open the service to a larger subscriber base. To make it easier for people to try out Hulu Plus, you no longer need an invitation to subscribe. In the next week, all PS3 owners with a PlayStation Network account, which is free, will be able to download and subscribe to Hulu Plus. This will also coincide with an updated PS3 application that incorporates some of the feedback we've received to date.

As the Hulu Plus preview period continues, we'll continue to work diligently to expand the service to more devices, add more content and incorporate feedback to improve the service. Happy watching!

Rob Wong (

Director, Product

So, ten bucks for even further in-depth catalogs, expanded accessibility and no limitations? Are you in? Or are you still on the Netflix bandwagon? We want to know!


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