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iPhone Creates an Extra Hour in Europe

posted Thursday Nov 4, 2010 by Scott Ertz

iPhone Creates an Extra Hour in Europe

This is part public service announcement and part great technology fail. Apple this week managed to create an extra hour in Europe. Unfortunately, this did not work out for many users of the iPhone who were not expecting bonus time.

Apparently a software glitch in the iPhone caused the alarm to go off an hour later than it was supposed to. Why did this happen? Daylight Savings Time happens at a different time for them than it does for us here in the US and the phone, while updating the clock, did not seem to update the timing between regular alarms.

For more on this issue, hit the break.

Now for the PSA part of our story. This is not the first time we have seen this issue on the iPhone. In fact, just a matter of weeks ago, when other parts of the world were changing their time, the phones did the exact same thing. Somehow, Apple decided they didn't need to fix the problem and let it go.

Not only did they let it go, they did nothing to warn users that their phones would not be able to wake them up this past Monday. Oops. Talk about a huge PR mistake. Now blogs all over the world are talking about the major fail that is Apple. They are, of course, only stating the same thing we say every week here at The UpStream but it is nice to have more company at our little party this week.

Here is my suggestion, Americans - DO NOT USE AN IPHONE TO WAKE YOU UP NEXT WEEK! Obviously it will not work.


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