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RIAA Finally Wins a Lawsuit

posted Sunday Nov 7, 2010 by Scott Ertz

RIAA Finally Wins a Lawsuit

On our off week, the Recording Industry Association of America (or RIAA) won a lawsuit filed long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. The defendant was file-sharing service LimeWire and their parent company, annoyingly named Lime Wire.

In 2007, RIAA filed suit against Lime Wire for copyright infringement by way of facilitating access to copyrighted material through their network. Last week, a US court agreed and ordered the LimeWire service shut down.

For more on the lawsuit and what it means for users, hit the break.

LimeWire launched in 2000 to compete against Morpheus and quickly became the most popular file sharing service, despite being riddled with spyware. Anytime a centralized file sharing service becomes popular, RIAA jumps onboard with a lawsuit. Anytime the service is intended entirely to distribute copyrighted material, RIAA wins their battle (ie. Morpheus, Napster). About this win, a RIAA spokesperson said,

For the better part of the last decade, LimeWire and Gorton have violated the law. The court has now signed an injunction that will start to unwind the massive piracy machine that LimeWire and Gorton used to enrich themselves immensely.

In January, the court will conduct a trial to determine the appropriate level of damages necessary to compensate the record companies for the billions and billions of illegal downloads that occurred through the LimeWire system.

CEO George Searle responded, that the company was "disappointed" but that they "deeply committed to working with the music industry and making the act of loving music more fulfilling for everyone." Sounds like Napster to me.


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posted Sunday Nov 7, 2010 by fr33yay0

I'm also pretty surprised to see they lost the battle but not the war. Considering that 60% of warez moved to Torrents and most providers are now making hardware that support torrents. The fight for the RIAA might have ended with the lawsuit... since they will never win war.

posted Sunday Nov 7, 2010 by PLuGHiTz

I would be amazed if we see any more lawsuits from RIAA as it is now getting even harder for them to track who is sharing the files and who is downloading them.

posted Sunday Nov 7, 2010 by PLuGHiTz_Jon

If anyone still uses P2P I would make it a point to make sure whatever you download is not being "shared." P2P has taken some hits recently and is going the way of the CD in my opinion. O what the hell, lets give Apple credit for that too.

posted Sunday Nov 7, 2010 by PLuGHiTz

Jon, that is pretty funny. I'll credit Apple with killing P2P instead of RIAA. Apple always deserves credit. :-P

posted Sunday Nov 7, 2010 by fr33yay0

They deserve alot of credit... I mean.. look at them? They've paved the way for awesome things like the droid OS.

posted Monday Nov 8, 2010 by PLuGHiTz_Jon

They also found a way to make netbooks less useful...I mean more useful, silly me.

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