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Mysterious New Phone Service Added To Gmail

posted Sunday Aug 29, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Mysterious New Phone Service Added To Gmail

With the advent of Internet-based communications those old fashioned land-line phones have been getting hit pretty hard and Google has recently added their new phone service to Gmail helping to reassure that the beating will continue.

Gmail is evolving into an all-in-one communications that is increasing their competitiveness between traditional land-line services and other Internet based communication services like Skype and Oovoo. 25% of U.S. homes have already replaced land-lines with mobile phone and Internet communication alternatives. Skype has also proven that there is a potential for their phone service to become a huge success. In the first day alone, 1 million Google calls had already been placed. The service is available nationwide as of right now and Google does intend to make this feature available internationally but there is no release date at the moment.


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