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New Intel On Pending Infineon Acquisition

posted Sunday Aug 29, 2010 by Jon Wurm

New Intel On Pending Infineon Acquisition

Mobile chip manufacturer Infineon has been a hot topic of discussion for the past month. Just two weeks ago Apple was in a bidding war with Intel, Samsung, and several other large manufacturing companies to acquire this firm and sources close to the current deliberations have stated we could be hearing some news as early as next week about the private talks between Intel and Infineon.

The second largest chip manufacturer in Europe is still going for around 2 billion USD which pales in comparison to Intel's recent acquisition of McAffee Inc. but is still important in order for Intel to achieve their goal of being at the center of computing, "Intel's big strategy is to be at the heart of computing everywhere," said Alex Gauna, an analyst at JMP Securities LLC.

Currently Intel has virtually no presence in the handheld market which is opposite of the PC market, where their semi-conductors run more than 80% of personal computers. Being the mature and robust technology firm that Intel is, this presents an excellent opportunity for Intel to penetrate its way into a new market and hopefully bring some good changes into the industry. We will keep you plugged in as the negotiations continue.


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