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LucasFilms Sues Jedi Mind, Inc.

posted Sunday Aug 29, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

George Lucas is taking out his lightsaber to attack the makers of a wireless headset called Master Mind that states its users can interact with computers through brainwaves. Jedi Mind, Inc. is the target of this Lucasfilm lawsuit over copyright infringement, claiming that the products made by this company could hurt Lucas' business and make customers confused.

Lucas has somewhat of a reputation of being intolerant of anyone using references to Star Wars in their products. The now-popular "Droid" mark for Android-powered smartphones was, in fact, licensed from Lucasfilm for this reason - otherwise, Verizon Wireless would have to use another, probably less catchy name.

With this fairly common knowledge, it's surprising that Jedi Mind, Inc. even moved forward with its company and product names in the first place. Lucasfilm sent a cease-and-desist letter to the company in May of 2009, and then again in September of 2009 after Jedi Mind failed to phase out the Jedi-related marks. The two companies tried to settle out of court, but apparently failed, leading Lucasfilm to ask for $5 million in damages as well as injunctive relief.


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