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Indie Developer Upset Over Theft - Kind Of

posted Sunday Aug 29, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Indie Developer Upset Over Theft - Kind Of

I am a software developer myself, so I totally understand the feeling of distress when your product starts showing up on torrent sites. It has gotten so bad that now, even the $2 iPhone apps are starting to find their way to the underground despite their proprietary systems and low costs. At some point you have to consider the value of your own time to find, crack and install software onto a phone that you could have just bought for the cost of a Starbucks coffee.

Other developers feel this pain as well, but apparently not always for the same reason. Dmitry Chestnykh, who is a Mac developer with Coding Robots, recent wrote an email to The Pirate Bay when he found his software product available with a crack on their site. He downloaded to see how how the crack worked and was immediately upset.

Hit the break to read the email.

Here is a portion of the email that really sums up his feelings on the issue. Keep in mind before you read this that English is not his first language.

It has come to my attention that the torrent located at {URL} is ridiculous.

Not only it requires installing APE plugin, and generating keyfiles using some scary tool, it contains an {expletive} *WINDOWS* program to verify the validity of this release. The "How-to" section in the description is just incomprehensible, and won't be understood by anyone other than the writer of this description.

Clearly, the "cracker" Minamoto did a lazy job and don't know how to crack software. It's an {expletive} SINGLE BOOLEAN SWITCH that validates the licence, it doesn't require any Application Enhancer tricks or whatever.

I demand that you don't remove this torrent, so that people can laugh at Minamoto and CORE skills. However, I also demand the better crack to be made, so that it doesn't cripple the user experience of my beautiful program.

So, there you have it. He is upset not because they are stealing is app, but because they are doing it in the most ridiculous way possible. It is nice to see a developer that wants their product to be just as good if you steal it as if you buy it. I think.


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