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Fan Friday for Star Wars: The Old Republic Brings Great News!

posted Sunday Aug 22, 2010 by Josh Henry

Fan Friday for Star Wars: The Old Republic Brings Great News!

Whether you like to keep two feet on the ground or like to explore the final frontier, The Old Republic is catering to your every need. Fans of the former or the ladder (or both) aspects of the game have a little more to look forward to this week, as BioWare released additional information on the advanced classes and rolled out the first two starfighters for the public to see. Last week they also revealed some footage of space combat as well as some in depth information about the Jedi Knight.

In its recent Fan Friday, BioWare clarified the 16 class specializations by listing each of their top three attributes. For example, class I plan on playing, the Jedi Knight, has two specs entitled Jedi Gaurdian and Jedi Sentinel. The Jedi Guardian skills include using a Single Saber and Heavy Armor, while having Party Buffs and fulfilling the role of a Tank. Jedi Sentinels however Dual Weild their Saber's and specialize in Saber to Saber combat and take care of Melee DPS.

If the recently revealed space combat has you itching to jump in your jumpsuit, you can check out the first two starships (out of six) that will take pilots through the midst of adrenaline-pumping battles. The Fury is an Imperial interceptor (which looks like a enlarged predecessor of the TIE Interceptor), designed with speed and firepower in mind. Its counterpart, the Defender, is a standard Republic corvette that's been upgraded with turbolasers and shields for quick combat missions. Hopefully, we'll find out the remaining four fighters before too long!


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