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MizuCon - Small But Mighty

posted Sunday Aug 22, 2010 by Scott Ertz

MizuCon - Small But Mighty

Another week, another convention. This one was unlike any I have attended before. MizuCon is in its third year and doing very well for itself. While remaining small, the con feels bigger than it is.

Part of what made the con feel so much bigger was the presence of TATE'S Comics+Toys+Videos+More and the 3000 Brigade. With a team of over 30 people, this pairing certainly gives the feeling of the larger cons. And anywhere the 3000 Brigade goes you have fun and feel at home.

For more about MizuCon and their entertainment, hit the break.

Friday night, the folks from Yasumicon, who lost their venue this year, put on an evening of entertainment. We got to see a fight choreography show, an improv group and, of course, the 3000 Brigade.

The fight group was entertaining and certainly talented at what they did. The group was narrated by an abrasive host (a character, not the guy) who made you more interested in the fighters. The fights were well choreographed and well-performed and was an all-around enjoyable event.

The improv group was fun to watch for the time I had the opportunity to. They had some trouble keeping the crowd but it was almost entirely not their fault. They performed at 11PM, which is never an easy time to keep an audience interested, plus they performed right after 3K, which meant a lot of people followed them out of the auditorium. If you did stay behind, however, you were in for a treat. The group was very funny and had good chemistry between the members.

This leads us to the 3000 Brigade. While I have seen them perform many times, you can never predict what you will see, but you always know it will be great. This show (this show right here?), they did a little stunt work and a little Smash Bros. We got to see Hassel Velasco, Trey Davis, Bobby Berger and Zack Marquez perform a fun stunt show that included balls, rings, knives and Toadette (voiced by Erin Hurst). What could be better? How about Mario (Wes Blumstein) dancing with the Koopa Kids, played by basically all of the females in the cast? Well, there was that, too! We'll have the videos up soon, so keep checking back.

Saturday we spent the day just chilling at the Tate's/3K booth getting people to like them on Facebook and giving away free Pocky. It was nice to have a calm day at a convention. All-in-all it was a nice, fun event that was well-run and certainly enjoyable. If you missed it, make sure to join us next year because it is definitely worth it!


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