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Dan 3.0 Is Open For Suggestions

posted Sunday Aug 8, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Dan 3.0 Is Open For Suggestions

It's safe to say that at this point in time thanks to websites like YouTube anyone who ever gets bored at work or has time to kill waiting in line at the DMV is familiar with vlogging. Every vlogger out there has his/her own reasons to put themselves out there on the Internet for all to see but there is one vlogger out there that is taking it to the next level.

Dan seems like an average enough guy with a vlog but he is putting control of his life in the hands of viewers for an entire year. Participants are allowed to vote and suggest tasks for Dan to complete every day. The good news for Dan is that he still has a good amount of control over the chosen tasks which so far have ranged from giving strangers high-fives to walking to the nearest city. He has said that soon participants will be able to influence bigger decisions like whether he will surprise his girlfriend on her birthday or not.

Revision3 is the Internet television service that is broadcasting Dan 3.0 and they reported that their site traffic doubled when the show launched August 1st and has continued to remain popular after the first 4 episodes. Only time will tell if this kind of personal influence on media will be successful now and in the future. If you want to see some of Dan's other videos then check out his YouTube channel.


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