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Women are More Social, Online and Off

posted Sunday Aug 8, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Women are More Social, Online and Off

A recent report from comScore, a digital statistics company, indicates that women are much more likely to spend time on social sites than men. Now, while this seems like logical information, there are still some real surprises in the numbers. For example, it doesn't matter where in the world we are measuring - Latin America (94% of women), North America (91% of women), Europe (86% of women) or Asia Pacific (55% of women) all spend more time on social sites.

Those Latin and North American numbers are the most staggering. Over 90% of women who spend any time online, spend time on social sites. The highest growth of users on these sites? 45+ females, of course. Mom and grandma are on Flickr sharing photos, Twitter talking about what they had for lunch and Facebook finding high school sweethearts.

For more numbers from the web, hit the break.

Overall, women spend 16.3% of their online time on social sites, while men only spend about 11.7% of their time. What are men doing instead? The categories where men spend more time than women are Multimedia, Search/Navigation, Directories/Resources, Business/Finance, General News and Banking.

The general numbers show that men spend their online time working and researching while women spend it in more leisurely activities. Chief marketing officer for comScore, Linda Boland Abraham, said,

Understanding gender-specific differences in Web usage is valuable to any digital stakeholder looking to successfully reach and engage both women and men in the online environment. We have seen that women across the globe share some similar usage patterns online, such as strong engagement with social networking sites, but it's also important to understand gender differences on a regional, country and local level, where cultural differences are continually shaping online usage and content consumption.


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