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Blizzards Taking Sexy Back

posted Sunday Aug 8, 2010 by Josh Henry

Blizzards Taking Sexy Back

In what most MMORPG vets and newbs alike are tentatively referring to as "the saddest forum post in the history of all mankind," Blizzard recently informed World of Warcraft players on the Moon Guard server that moderators would now be patrolling the server for... erotic role-playing. Particularly in one in-game town, Goldshire, which appears to be a non-stop, Bacchanalian festival of delights of the virtual flesh and let me tell you that I literally just got a nasty chill typing that out.

Blizzard customer service reps will now "regularly" keep an eye on the town's public chat channels, privately punishing players who violate the game's harassment policies. I can imagine the emails and tells people who violate said policies will receive. "Dear Newbstompa69, please stop trying to have cybersex with that level 4 Priest. That is very, very gross... At least go for someone within at least 5 levels of you." Which means they will have to move to a higher level area... perhaps the Arathi Highlands or something.

For more Blizzard cybersex, hit the break.

It just surprises me that this has become such a big problem that Blizzard themselves have to step in and mediate the situation. I suppose it is cheaper to pay 15 dollars a month to cyber with people and the avatars, as opposed to paying 1.99 a minute for one of those call-in services, you've gotta stay frugal in this economy right? All jokes aside it's just disappointing that humanity has this kind of technology and puts it to such a disgusting use.

In other Blizzard-related news as you may or may not know Starcraft 2 was just released last week, and it looks like people are already making inappropriate maps. Blizzard has stated that they are not going to let this slide like they have in the past and that they will be deleting said maps as soon as they are brought to their attention. This just further proves that fact that if you give users the ability to create something, someone is bound to ruin it for everyone by misusing the privilege. While I myself haven not encountered any of these maps it does not surprise me that they already exist.


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