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Wordament on Xbox Live with New Updates on April 25th

posted Wednesday Apr 18, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Wordament on Xbox Live with New Updates on April 25th

If you haven't had an opportunity yet to check out the wonderful new Microsoft toys like Windows Phone or the developer preview of Windows 8, you have surely missed out on some innovative happenings! More importantly, you've missed out on our favorite game, Wordament. The multiplayer, social version of the board game Boggle has taken off at a rapid pace and has seen millions of users since its launch in September 2011 on Windows Phone.

This week, Wordament has announced because the game hasn't seen much change since its inception, it is growing rapidly and is making some additions and alterations.

This update is so big that Wordament will be posting new info on what's to come each day leading up to April 25th when Wordament will be available in the Windows Phone Marketplace worldwide via Xbox Live. There will be no more need for a separate username for the game anymore as your Xbox Live account's Gamertag will be your username for the game.

From Wordament's blog,

The most notable change is that we are retiring our screen name system and moving exclusively to Xbox LIVE Gamertags. Screen names have served us well to this point, but we have out grown them in many ways. Xbox LIVE has a great identity system in place and we think that Wordament works great with it. So starting April 25th, when you sign into Wordament, it will use your Xbox LIVE Gamertag only. That means you need to go and secure a free, Xbox LIVE account for your phone, if you haven't done so already.

Also on the 25th, Wordament will be adding Language Editions to the game, which will feature puzzles in a specific language. On that launch day we will see the new English Edition and the Spanish Edition will be going into open beta. Over the next few months, Wordament will be adding on Dutch, Swedish, French, German and Italian Editions of the game as well and they will remain in beta until the company feels they're running at optimum performance before putting them into a final release. It's going to be time to bust out the Rosetta Stone soon!

There will also be a Wordament Tournament on April 26th, one day after the new update, at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square Mall with food, prizes and giveaways. If you're in the area and rock at the game, send us a report of how everything went.

Are you excited Wordament is getting all these updates? Are you happy that Xbox Live will now be handling the game? Let us know in the comments section.


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