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A 7-Year-Old's Wish Come True... With Batman

posted Sunday Apr 22, 2012 by Scott Ertz

A 7-Year-Old's Wish Come True... With Batman

This has been a tough week in the cosplay space with a lot of negative attention brought in from a particularly negative individual. Because I do not want to give him any more press, however, I have a positive story from the cosplay world this week, and it involves the police and Batman.

7-year-old Kye, who lives in Arlington, Virginia, is living with leukemia, and his one wish is to have an adventure with Batman. Well, thanks to the help of the organization "A Wish with Wings," the Arlington Police Department and the Arlington Fire Department, he had just that. Arlington police setup a series of fake crimes, perpetrated by Batman villains, including The Joker and The Riddler, all to be foiled by Batman and his little assistant, dressed as a mini-Batman.

First, the pair got to stop a bank robbery in which The Joker trips and falls and, in proper character, tells some pretty terrible jokes. Eventually the pair wins and takes him to jail. Then The Riddler plants a car bomb, again to be foiled by the pair of Bats. It is really cool that the police and fire departments got together and were willing to put this on. It is a great way to make a kid's dream come true.

I know you just have to see the video, so I have good news. It is available after the break!


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