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Qi Wireless Charging Enhanced

posted Sunday Apr 22, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Qi Wireless Charging Enhanced

Since our interview at CES 2012, The Wireless Power Consortium has announced a major update to the Qi standard for wireless charging. The standard, which originally allowed for charging over a 5mm distance, has now been rewritten to allow for a charging distance of 40mm.

This will help create the Utopian charging world that Fulton Innovation and others have hoped for - the ability to charge any device on any surface. This is accomplished by having these charging plates built-in to things like nightstands, desks and tables. Pushing the power more than 5mm is a major component in making that happen.

Qi is currently backed by over 100 major label tech companies and growing at a remarkable rate. Not only do they see this as a replacement for charging cables, or device specific charging, such as with the HP/Palm handsets, but as a replacement for all power.

Hit the break to see our interview with Fulton Innovation at CES 2012 and some of the other creative uses they see for this exciting technology.


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