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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Hits 1 Million Downloads

posted Friday Mar 2, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Hits 1 Million Downloads

It didn't take long before the latest version of Microsoft's flagship product, Windows 8, to have its public beta, known as the Consumer Preview, to receive 1 million downloads. In fact, it only took 24 hours to reach this milestone. Now, while Windows has had higher adoption rates in the past, it is unusual for a non-production ready operating system to get this kind of attention.

This, however, is no normal Windows. In fact, it almost doesn't feature windows in its appearance, save for the Desktop, which has been relegated from its front-and-center position to an application running within the native environment. The primary interface sports the new universal Microsoft user experience, known as Metro, which is already in use on Windows Phone 7 and the new Xbox Dashboard. This is what is driving all of the interest in the preview.

I can tell you we have been testing Win8 here in the office since the original Developer Preview was released, and we installed the Consumer Preview immediately upon launch on Wednesday. I definitely understand why people are so excited about Windows 8.

So, are you one of the million who had it day 1 or are you planning on trying it out soon? Let us know in the comments!


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