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Xbox Greets You for the Holidays with LIVE Updates

posted Thursday Nov 17, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Xbox Greets You for the Holidays with LIVE Updates

We knew that the dashboard updates that rolled out just a couple of months ago were only the beginning. In October, Xbox announced their new video lineup, complete with content for just about everyone. So with the beta for the new dashboard update wrapping up, there had to be more features announced right around the corner.

For us, it's right after the break.

Coming this holiday season, Xbox LIVE is getting some cool new additions to celebrate their ten year anniversary of Xbox.

Microsoft is saying that this new interface will have better Kinect-ability and an easier to use navigation. With Bing integration, finding and accessing the content you want will be simpler than ever. Of course, most of this was shown off at E3 2011. This includes an improved voice search and voice controls that allow the Kinect to feel as if it were a part of the LIVE interface since the beginning, and not just an added bonus with some useful capabilities.

For the new features, we'll start with Beacons. Beacons will allow friends that you have on both Xbox LIVE and Facebook to know what games you play that are similar to the ones they play. Also, you will be able to share with those friends when you want to play a game online, so that they can see it and easily join up and start playing, too. In line with the Facebook add-ons, Microsoft realized that their Facebook application just wasn't very useful and it took way too long to access, post and use the software. Now, they took a page out of the PS3 book and have given gamers the ability to share their achievements and other gaming events through Facebook in real-time, without ever having to leave the game the player is on.

Lastly, Xbox delivers with the much wanted Cloud Profile. With Cloud Profiles, you can bring your entire Xbox LIVE profile off your console and sign into it at anytime, from any other Xbox 360. No more painstakingly long recovery process is needed! This is one of the few things I've wanted for Xbox LIVE since I first got my console in 2007.

As you can see, the holidays will be great for all the Xbox LIVE users out there. As soon as it starts to hit consoles, we'll let you know!


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