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Sony PlayStation Home is Cozier When You Watch Movies with Friends

posted Sunday Nov 20, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Sony PlayStation Home is Cozier When You Watch Movies with Friends

There isn't much to say about PlayStation Home that hasn't been said before. For most, it's just a big space that feels like you're the only one in it. The movie theater seems to only play "C" movies and the slushies at the ice rink are luke warm at best. After three redesigns, it appeared that Sony was really just missing the mark. However, the PlayStation Home may have some life still left in it, or it at least will go down kicking and screaming.

Sony announced that it will be offering full length movies for free, streamed by Sony's Crackle network (no Snap or Pop), with the ability for others to watch with you. I do recall Netflix and the Xbox 360 having that feature for a while now. However, with Home, you will now be able to watch with 60 other users publicly, or in private parties of up to 11 friends.

Crackle's movies and shows are available for streaming pleasure right now and users can access live Ustream broadcasts and RadioIO music channels in December. Want to know more about Crackle? We have a short video and the press release below.

Crackle, Ustream, and RadioIO Channels Join Virtual World in LOOT Entertainment on Demand (EOD) System

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Entertainment and social networking come together like never before as Sony DADC's LOOT group partners with leading digital media companies to bring virtual world experiences to feature films, television, radio, and live events to Sony Computer Entertainment America's PlayStation Home social game platform. With the addition of Crackle, Ustream, and RadioIO social experiences to PlayStation Home, users can invite friends to share traditional entertainment experiences in a virtual environment, communicating with each other in real time-whether across town or on the other side of the world.

"The PlayStation Home platform provides an opportunity to change the way people interact with online media and our LOOT team thrives on introducing new types of fun and exciting experiences to PlayStation users," said David Sterling, vice president of business development at Sony DADC. "We are very excited to bring familiar social experiences from the real world into a virtual environment, so people around the globe can connect and communicate with each other while sharing their favorite movie, show, music, or event. This is the next big step in social networking and it will transform the way people consume media."

Created by LOOT, Sony DADC New Media Solutions' internal development team, the PlayStation Home real-time social game platform is available on PlayStation Network to all users of the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. Users in North America are able to explore a world of entertainment and unparalleled interactive capabilities either using LOOT's Public Theater virtual spaces which offer "Social Viewing" experiences with up to 60 users or invitation-only private spaces such as Sunset Yacht, Hollywood Hills House, and the LOOT Space Apartment where hosts can invite up to 11 friends to watch content together and communicate via voice and text. Now, PlayStation Home users will be able to share the experience of the platform's Entertainment on Demand (EOD) system with content provided by three leading online media companies.

Crackle: Social viewing for feature films and TV

Crackle, a multi-platform video entertainment network features hundreds of full-length Hollywood movies and television shows plus Crackle originals. Short-form content from Crackle has been available on PlayStation Home since November 2010; now, all Crackle content is available on the social platform, including movies such as STEP BROTHERS, RESIDENT EVIL, GLORY, A FEW GOOD MEN, and STARSHIP TROOPERS, TV shows such as "Married... with Children," "NewsRadio," and "Jackie Chan Adventures," over 1,000 anime episodes including "Samurai X," "Blood +," and "Blue Exorcist," and over 40 Crackle originals including the award-winning "The Bannen Way," "Issues," and "Why It Crackles." New titles are added monthly. In a rich virtual world experience, user avatars can get together with friends in the LOOT Space Station public space, the LOOT Sunset Yacht personal space, and other spaces to watch ad-supported Crackle content on-demand. Real-time text and voice communications bring users together in the kind of shared experience movie and TV fans have always loved.

Ustream: Real-time interactivity around live broadcasted shows

The Ustream network features online lifecasting and live video streaming produced by more than 12,500,000 registered users. PlayStation Home will now feature a broad range of live Ustream events. Ustream content will be available in both public and personal LOOT spaces, allowing PlayStation Home users to enjoy the entertainment of their choice, the way they choose.

RadioIO: Streaming music pioneer takes listening social

RadioIO (IWDM.OB), PlayStation Home and LOOT bring another option for "Social Listening" to PlayStation Home by recreating the social experience of listening and discovering music with your friends. The new LOOT virtual item called Entertainment On Demand Active Radio lets PlayStation Home users invite friends into their private spaces, or listen on their own in the LOOT Space Station public space, to enjoy high-quality Internet radio from RadioIO with their choice of more than 60 music and talk channels from Classical, Jazz, Rock, and Pop to Hip Hop, R & B, Country, Electronic, Dance and many more specialty niches including live shows from nationally syndicated radio talk show host Bubba the Love Sponge and additional programming from Shannon Burke and Dangerous Conversation with Scott "Ledge" Ledger. Concerts and sporting events will be available in the future, as well as virtual goods to extend the fan experience.

Crackle content is available now in PlayStation Home. Ustream content and RadioIO and the Entertainment On Demand Active Radio will debut in December. To see LOOT's Entertainment on Demand system in action, please visit and subscribe to LOOT's YouTube Channel at

"PlayStation" and the "PS" Family logo are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

About Sony DADC New Media Solutions

Sony DADC New Media Solutions provides complete digital supply chain solutions to power a new era of media consumption. Major film studios, broadcasters, music labels, game companies, software providers, and other content providers rely on us for innovative technology to keep pace with rapidly evolving consumer demand and emerging multichannel distribution models. Our market insight, proven expertise across both physical and digital media, and strategic partnerships throughout the industry enable us to provide unmatched end-to-end services that deliver the speed, efficiency, and quality required by today's digital media businesses and the audiences they serve. For more information, please visit

About Crackle, Inc.

Crackle, Inc. is a multi-platform next-generation video entertainment network that distributes digital content including original short form series and full-length traditional programming from Sony Pictures' vast library of television series and feature films. Crackle is one of the fastest growing entertainment destinations on the Internet today, offering audiences quality programming in a variety of genres, including comedy, action, sci-fi, horror, music and reality. Crackle reaches an impressive audience through its diverse online and mobile distribution network. Visit Crackle's site at

About Ustream

Ustream, Inc. is the leader in live and interactive video streaming. The interactive platform connects broadcasters and viewers of unlimited size through innovative technology, including: Facebook and Twitter social engagement tools, real-time chat and notifications, custom-designed channels, and embeddable features across multiple websites and platforms. Users are also able to broadcast, view, and engage with others in real-time, directly from mobile phones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs. The company attracts millions of high-profile brands, celebrities, musicians, athletes, politicians, animal enthusiasts, and gamers. Ustream recently earned the Guinness World Record for the "Most Content-Ingested by an Online Video Service". For more information about Ustream, visit and follow us on our socials: Twitter (@Ustream); Facebook (

About RadioIO

Streaming pioneer, RadioIO, has been streaming internet radio made for individuals, by individuals since 1998. Each channel is an independent, original creation, featuring handpicked music sets crafted by stream hosts - not computers. RadioIO currently delivers in excess of 15,000,000 monthly stream initiations across all distribution platforms. Channels provide users a variety of listening choices from Classical, Jazz, Rock, and Pop to Hip Hop, R & B, Country, Electronic, Dance and many more specialty niches.


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