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Toshiba Serves Up Laid Back 'Passive' 3D TVs

posted Sunday Apr 10, 2011 by Jon Wurm

Toshiba Serves Up Laid Back 'Passive' 3D TVs

Good news everyone. Toshiba is going to fix 3D TVs so that you don't need to wear Revenge of the Nerds style 3D glasses to give yourself a headache around April 2012. However, the passive 3D TVs they will be serving up in the next year will still take a load off your face. I'm guessing that of the 10,000 people who care about 3D TV 6,000 know the difference between active and passive 3D glasses, 4,000 don't know the difference and 0 like wearing 3D glasses. For those who don't know, there are some distinct differences that we be listed below. The biggest change to note here is that active 3D glasses require power and passive 3D glass do not. Hopefully, this should shave off a few ounces and some of the bulk.

See if their upcoming line up of 3D TVs are worth the migraines and hit the break.

Passive 3D technology is currently only offered by LG and Toshiba but the Regza VL LED series will be the first to make it to the market alongside its more active cousins. They will be available in 42" and 47" sizes and come packed with some interesting features. Toshiba's "Personal TV" lets users setup profiles that allow them to easily control things like picture settings and parental controls, just be prepared to login to your TV. Auto calibration will help you to know that the picture really does look like that and you're not losing your mind. Also, the built-in WiFi will let you use a cloud-based app service so that you can get your Netflix and Flickr on in the living room.

With passive 3D your experience will be a little different than you might be used to, not necessarily better, just different. For example, with passive 3D you can get the refresh rate of the content being watched so if your watching something at 60 frames per second you will see it at 60 fps. While active 3D glasses slow down to 30 fps. Active 3D glasses do still deliver more vibrant color and have much better viewing angles so the decision of which is better probably will come down to preference. I'm still waiting for glasses free 3D TV to figure out if one of them will ever grace my living room with its presence.

What's your take on 3D TV? Let me know in the comment section below.


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