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Do Silverlight and Xbox Make a Good Couple? Microsoft Might Think So

posted Sunday Apr 10, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Do Silverlight and Xbox Make a Good Couple? Microsoft Might Think So

Microsoft is playing matchmaker and thinks Silverlight and Xbox would make cute little accessory babies. The company is looking to port over Silverlight to the 360 and make the announcement sometime this week at MIX11. We talked in the past about Microsoft looking for someone to integrate not only WinPho into Xbox 360, but also someone who could integrate some of their newer software into the gaming console. Leaks out of the Microsoft camp hint that this has been in the development phase for "some months" and would really drive home the Xbox/WinPho gaming combination to the next level. Another leak reports that we may see an application for the Xbox 360 that would allow you to copy over WinPho 7 programs over to the 360.

For what we might see with this, hit the break.

This also might bring to life some glimpses of Windows 8, which would have an interface combined with Silverlight as its framework, code-named Jupiter. We might even see apps for Xbox work for Windows 8, or the other way around. Of course, this is all speculation.

Microsoft obviously hasn't confirmed anything and probably won't until MIX11, but our crafty Internet savvy users tipped us off to yet another job posting on their site looking to integrate Silverlight with Xbox. Lately, we've seen Silverlight morph from just a Flash substitute into a full-on application platform. We've seen it used, as well as XNA, on several WinPho 7 apps, but this could mean Silverlight might be the tie for all the platforms in Microsoft's family.

Aside from that, wouldn't it be really useful if we could take Media Center for Windows and move it over to the Xbox in a more efficient manner than what we already have been given? It would definitely make the Apple camp extremely mad if full media capability would be added to the Xbox, making them far superior to the ever-changing Apple TV that has never and probably won't get anywhere close to full media playback or useful third party apps.


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