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GameStop and Facebook Create an App for a Store

posted Sunday Apr 10, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

GameStop and Facebook Create an App for a Store

This week, GameStop and Facebook tied the knot online as the gaming retailer launched an app on Facebook through the ShopFans platform that will act as a storefront for the company for its 1.8 million Facebook fans. In the midst of Facebook looking to monetize their user base using their service, GameStop is the first gaming company to launch a full-on store on the networking site, completely with videos, reviews, ratings, a store finder and the usual Like button.

Analysts are intrigued by the idea. Lou Kerner from Wedbush thinks this will start a new trend in social media.

Companies are feeling a lot more comfortable about leveraging social media with commerce on Facebook, compared with commerce on their own site. Things are early, and people typically don't view Facebook as a commerce destination, but it's our belief that will rapidly change.

Will Facebook start yet another popular commodity? We'll talk about it more after the break.

Perhaps this might work. Putting your business where your customers can see it is the best way to get more attention and more sales, but this goes beyond your standard Facebook page. However, with the amount of errors that plagues Facebook on an everyday basis, one error could ruin a customer's experience with your store and brand. Furthering this issue is the fact that these businesses have no control over how the site and interactivity will work for their consumers. Are businesses ready to take such a huge risk when Facebook could be dead in less than five years anyway?

GameStop seems to think the risk will payoff and has added a bunch of interesting features to the application. You're able to pre-order games for in-store delivery pickup right from Facebook. You can also link up your PowerUp Rewards card and earn points as you purchase things through the app. Want to share and discuss upcoming games? No problem, Facebook's social graph lets you do that too from the storefront which is kept safe by McAfee.

I'm very curious to see if people will use this app, or simply go to the safer, easier, more reliable and way more secure GameStop website itself. The app may be convenient, but with IE9, the ability to get from site to site is easier than ever.

Would you use the app or do you not even shop at GameStop? We want to hear you in the comments.


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