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ESRB Gives Parents Peace Of Mind With Mobile App

posted Sunday Dec 19, 2010 by Jon Wurm

ESRB Gives Parents Peace Of Mind With Mobile App

The Entertainment Software Rating Board, ESRB, stepped up their game by entering the mobile world last December with an iPhone app that allowed the user to search for games by title only. And this year they have added a major feature which will allow users, or in most cases, concerned parents, to take a picture of the box art and get detailed information on the game.

According to the ESRB the kind of detailed information made available will include,

detailed, straight-forward explanation--including specific examples--of the content that factored into a game's rating. The goal is to ensure parents can make truly informed game choices for their children.

Hit the break to watch the PR video the ESRB released for the new app.

All games that have been rated after July 1st are included in the list and currently parents can access over 20,000 titles. The app is currently available for the iPhone and Android phones.

This should be a big help in keeping violent video games out of kids hands, right California?


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