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Chrome Enterprise By Google, Not Starfleet

posted Saturday Dec 18, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Chrome Enterprise By Google, Not Starfleet

Cloud: the final frontier. Well, probably not. However, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has big plans for Chrome OS as we noted last week. Their goals to increase ad revenue through a simple web based OS that will effectively move your everyday computing tasks completely to "the cloud," making the user more likely to search for things, is one goal. But the most notable is Google offering MSI for Chrome enterprise deployment. To clarify, a MSI is simply an installation engine that manages the maintenance and removal of software as well.

Hit the break to see if the Chrome MSI can help Google boldly go where only really Microsoft has gone before.

Google is going to have to push hard if they want to take away market share from Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. That could be why Google is moving forward quickly with the Chrome Enterprise MSI. It will be installed on a system level which will give system administrators some control over the update process, as well as many other properties which should make it easier to deploy. For example, they will be able to bundle extensions, determine what extensions users can use, add or remove as well as set password requirements and so on. For a detailed list of admin controls check out the policy reference list from the development site. Engineer Daniel Clifford and Chrome product manager Glenn Wilson also stated that cross platform deployment is a big issue.

We've been hearing a lot of feedback from IT administrators who want to manage and configure Google Chrome. Of course, we were eager to do what we could to help them get Chrome deployed inside their organizations. Today, after talking directly to administrators and testing the features extensively with other organizations, we believe the first set of features is ready for prime-time.

I say this is a good move on Google's part but I caution anyone from jumping on board just yet. Google has a history of release first then, maybe, fix it later. Besides, do you really want to do the testing work for free? After a little time I am interested to see how the MSI comes along. However if you do decide to boldly go where no PLuGHiTz Live! Radio employee has gone before, let us know how the MSI is working out.


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