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Next iPad To Be More 'i' And Less 'Pad'

posted Tuesday Dec 14, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Next iPad To Be More 'i' And Less 'Pad'

The first generation of the iPad has been credited for launching the tablet market and is expected to sell 13 million units by the end of 2010, which is difficult to believe since I have only ever seen 1 out in the wild. I have even gone into various trendy places where this device would be likely to appear. The other ones were tethered to a Best Buy display. However, current part manufacturers for the iPad have been suggesting that a new version will be in the works and on shelves around April 2011.

To find out more about Apple's next up and coming "revolutionary" device, hit the break.

Touchscreen chip maker Wintek Corp. as well as AVY Precision, cover maker for many electronic products, and Simplo Technology Co. Ltd., a battery maker, are some of the parts suppliers in line to help produce the new iPad. Some off-the-record comments from suppliers indicated that there will be some distinctive changes with the iPad 2.

Genius currently supplies iPhones with their cameras and has indicated they will have an involvement with the iPad 2. One of the off-the-record comments suggested the new iPad with have a front and rear-facing camera which would help support the use of Facetime. Another big change will occur in the physical size of the device, which is expected to be about half the size it is now.

You may remember back in October we talked about Jobs denouncing tablets smaller than the iPad and Google Android, but this isn't a big surprise as Jobs has done this before with video on iPods, saying netbooks are useless then coming out with the MacBook Air, and now coming out with a smaller iPad after saying it wouldn't work. Jobs has basically said in the past that 7" tablets are too small to be useful, so based on that logic, going with something around 5" would be even less useful. How do you guys think a smaller iPad will be received?


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