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Blizzard Loses Their Data

posted Sunday Dec 12, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Blizzard Loses Their Data

It may seem impossible to steal Blizzard's title as Titan of the MMO world. It is however easy to steal their confidential documents revealing a new game titled Titan. Blizzard's plans for the next 5 years were leaked onto the Internet this week revealing lots of expansions, a movie and a new game.

The leaks seem to originate in the Activision Blizzard offices and China and shortly after general manager Ye Weilun left the company. There is no telling if he was the direct source of the leak or if he was the unfortunate director of someone who did but suffice it to say, this really solidifies the Chinese theory.

For details from the leaks, hit the break.

Let's start with the information no one is surprised about. There are more World of Warcraft expansions coming. Now we know that Quarter 2 2012 and Quarter 4 2013 will be the releases of the fourth and fifth expansions. Ram Raimi's movie based on the iconic game is planned to release between these expansions - sometime in Quarter 4 2012.

The much anticipated Diablo III will finally premiere in Quarter 4 2011 after years of teasing. Speaking of teasing, Starcraft II will get its first expansion as well as the Phoenix campaign about the same time. Quarter 1 2013 will bring Starcraft II's second expansion as well as Diablo III's first, with a second planned for 2014.

The biggest news comes in the form of Titan. This is an unannounced, unknown title. Theory is that it will be Blizzard's next MMO title but that is all speculation based on absolutely nothing except the hopes and dreams of nerds. I guess we will have to wait until we get closer to the game's planned release in Quarter 4 of 2013.

The important information here is that Blizzard is planning on not stringing us along like they have for the past 5 years or so. We will actually get to see new Blizzard product every few months. It only really sucks for the employees in China who will be getting a visit from the COO, Paul Sams, to help reshuffle operations after this issue.


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