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Google TV Eyes Hulu Plus

posted Thursday Oct 7, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Google TV Eyes Hulu Plus

Most TV watched is still on TV but over the past several years we have seen significant growth in the Internet-based television programs and movies currently offered by services such as Netfilx and Hulu. Hulu Plus is set to make its debut this fall but it stands at a few disadvantages that it must confront if the joint venture is to be a success.

Hit the break to find out more about Hulu Plus and Google TV.

Some statistics released by Comscore state that on average Americans watched 14.3 hours of web video in August this year and the 178 million Americans that did so make up 85% of the total market. Based on this data the market is quite large and relatively untapped much like most people that watch large amounts of TV. However aside from Internet TV other platforms are becoming more important. Currently, Hulu is available on Apple's mobile platforms, Samsung TVs and Blu-Ray players, as well as the PS3. Their closest competitor Netflix, which has a very lucrative relationship with Google TV, has been around the block a little more than Hulu. They are available over the Internet, Xbox 360, PS3, Will, Roku, Boxee and many other platforms that Hulu longs to be on, but they offer a service with much more content for $1 less per month so why is Google TV interested in Hulu?

Google would really like to see Hulu available on Google TV-powered devices, which would make it a more powerful platform. Considering that it has commercials, it's in Hulu's longer-term interest to have its service available on as many platforms as it can realistically support, very similar to Netflix.

Google knows a little something about advertising thanks to AdSense so it's only natural they are interested in Hulu because of their ability to do just that. At 780 million commercials and 30.2 ads per viewer Hulu well surpassed the 23.8 ads per viewer average. Also, content is what sustains entertainment services which is what Google TV is all about. The worst thing for Hulu would be to not get its content onto enough devices in front of enough people and both companies seen to have much to gain from a partnership.


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