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AT&T U-verse on Xbox 360 November 7th

posted Sunday Oct 10, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

AT&T U-verse on Xbox 360 November 7th

We know, we know. Three years of waiting and you AT&T U-verse customers have given up on the thought of your wonderful Xbox 360 being able to be used as a set-top box. We don't blame you. Well, for those who haven't lost the light at the end of the tunnel, call your friends who've hung their heads in shame and let them know that on November 7th these dreams finally come true.

Three years of waiting should be worth it with this news, you U-versers. Everybody else doesn't get cool stuff like being able to use AT&T U-verse on Windows 7 with four HD streams. Damn you, Brighthouse!

There's more things to be jealous on after the break, like pictures of some interesting slides. So hit it.

AT&T will be rolling out a Wired Release on October 17th that will provide enhancements to the service. This will include the long overdue Xbox 360 feature (to be launched on November 7th). U-verse customers who have an Xbox 360 will have a nifty Xbox 360 Dashboard app that will allow the console to be used like any other U-verse set-top box. One small downside, though. You will have to have at least one more DVR at another TV in the house to get one of the four HD streams. But at least you still get cooler things than everyone else!

We found some slides with more info on the Xbox feature. It seems like you'll have to have a hard drive, so it's time to upgrade! We have Xbox 360s with hard drives at our sponsor, the Microsoft Store!

Click the images to expand them.

xbox uverse slide1 xboxuverseslide2 xboxuverseslide3


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