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Designing the Light Side Information!

posted Sunday Sep 19, 2010 by Josh Henry

Designing the Light Side Information!

Hello interwebz, I'm back and bring good tidings about Star Wars: The Old Republic! A few weeks back I mentioned how the Jedi community in TOR were a bit worried as to whether or not BioWare had an unfair bias towards the Empire. And for some time it seemed as though BW did indeed have something against the Republic, after the Empire recieved more information week after week. I then predicted that after the newest CG trailer entitled "Hope" was released that BioWare would turn over a new leaf and give those who support the Republic their fair share of information.

For what was announced, follow the break.

Since the release of "Hope" it seems as if I were right, because this week BioWare decided to give us a "Developers Dispatch" entitled Designing The Light Side. The developers gave us tons of information, commenting on the space ship that Jedi get to use calling it a "hot rod", as well as the lightsaber effects and how the animations synch up with each other to work. They also talked about what colors they decided to use and the warrior monks that inspired some of the Jedi's attire. So all in all, it was a very interesting update.

But the most interesing piece of info they mentioned was the process they went through in order to develop both Jedi classes. Basically, they took the two defining characteristics of a Jedi, being his (or her) Light Saber and Force powers and went from there. A few cool reveals they made were that the Consular could actually work as a rouge sort of character and use stealth. They also told us that if you decide to go down a healing role with a character your companion will develope into a damage dealing character. So it is nice to see that you won't suffer when it comes to leveling without groups if you decide to become a healer.


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