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Star Wars: Celebration V - Robot Chicken Fans Assemble!

posted Sunday Aug 15, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Being at a Star Wars convention and also being a huge fan of Robot Chicken, I was both happy to see that many, many people in the Star Wars universe have a screwed up enough sense of humor to be fans of good parodies but I was also sad because of the long line it created to the event. The good news is however that Josh and I managed to slip into the balcony seats, right in the center and I always had my suspicions that Seth Green was pocket sized and this was confirmed as soon as he came out on stage next to Co-Producer/Writer Matt Senreich.

They started off by showing some of the bits they filmed for their last Star Wars episode on the 3 big screens. This was followed by a little sneak peak into the next Star Wars episode they just started filming the previous Monday and I do mean "little" (not Seth Green, the clips) because they had about 30 seconds finished and the rest were storyboard drawings. It was still amazing to see and hilarious so if you weren't lucky enough to be there then you will just have to tune into the show this Sunday night at 9PM to find out.

For information about the writing, hit the break.

I will, however, tell you a little about the writing process they use. When trying to come up with ideas for the show, they ask themselves if the joke will still be funny in about 8 months. The reason for this is because they use stop motion animation which is incredibly time consuming despite some major technical advancements over the last decade. Something else they mentioned was that sometimes their writers can spend 3 or 4 hours crafting a perfect joke or scenario only to have Seth or Matt strike it down in a few seconds. Seth even mentioned that you sometimes literally see their faces turn white from the rejection. Classic.

Something else we found out was how Robot Chicken became involved with Lucas Arts as well as something about the next Star Wars episode that gives us reason to believe it might have a different look than we're used to. After attending this event I feel like Robot Chicken is only going to get better and more popular but the coolest part of it is that these guys are really just a bunch of nerds playing with action figures and as a they put it themselves, "This just proves that no dream is too stupid."

For more details on what happened with the Robot Chicken guys and for details of the main event with George Lucas and Jon Stewart, tune into the show this Sunday night at 9PM ET, or forever live in regret.


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