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Star Wars: Celebration V - Our Hour with Anthony Daniels

posted Saturday Aug 14, 2010 by Josh Henry

Anthony Daniels is a name that many would and rightfully as should recognize as both the "narrator" and "voice of reason" in the Star Wars saga. Now, as a fan of Star Wars, I have seen countless special features and interviews that all feature Anthony Daniels and believe me when I say that today in the Chapin Theater in the beautiful Orange County Convention Center, I saw something that I never expected.

We all were first introduced to Daniels as C-3PO in the Star Wars films and to this day and probably for the rest of his life, he will continue to be C-3PO thanks to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. I would give you a list of all the movies he has been involved in, but the projects he's been in are almost entirely derived from or relate to Star Wars.

To find out what was so amazing about the event, hit the break.

Once again Jay Lag'aia was our host/interviewer for the event and even after seeing him countless times hosting the other events, he was still extremely entertaining. Anthony Daniels however was extremely entertaining and SO MUCH MORE! First off when he initially entered the theater he deemed the audiences welcome for him "Not good enough" and stated that our welcome had made him sad, while he proceeded to walk off stage. We then tried giving him a proper welcome but this didn't satisfy him either. For a second time we watched him go back stage but this time he emerged from the back of the theater causing a riot from those that were near him and were in the isle he used to make his way to the stage. This was what surprised me the most. As a kid and even as a young adult you wouldn't think that the man who played C-3PO and in many ways IS C-3PO to have such a mild mannered personality.

I personally absolutely loved the interview because Anthony went into great detail about the process that he went through to get into character and how much he connected with his character, which is information that no interview I've seen until now has given me. Another thing that impressed me about the interview was Daniels' ability to literally recall ANYTHING he's done, and recite it with great detail. Whether its his lines from the movies or a line from the cereal commercial he did for C-3PO's he did not fail to impress. He left us with a message essentially stating that we should all just live life in the moment, take all the opportunities we can, and proceeded to thank the audience because without people like us, he would have never been this successful in life.

We also got to see the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, be interviewed by John Stewart but, you will have to tune in to Sunday's show to find out what we witnessed. See ya there!


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