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Quickhit Football: The Only Free Way To Play

posted Sunday Jun 13, 2010 by Josh Henry

Quickhit Football: The Only Free Way To Play

Quickhit Football is a small, easy to play, Flash based Internet game that has scored big-time with its official license from the National Football League, allowing the game to incorporate 32 professional teams. EA has a deal with the NFL that allows it exclusive access for consoles only and it does not cover completely Internet based games. That doesn't mean that Quickhit Football acquired the license for free. They raised $13 million in venture capital to pay for it, which is quite a price for a free game to pay. Brandon Justice, the head developer, has stressed that Quickhit Football will not directly compete with games like Madden because it reaches a different football fan demographic.

Madden is a skill-based game. The more you play it, the more adept you get with the controls, but some people can never cross those barriers. When I was working on 2K, I'd bring it home to my dad, a lifelong football fan, but after trying to mash the buttons for a while, he would eventually put the controller down. It's like trying to fly a fighter jet after making paper airplanes.

The point of Quickhit Football is to focus on the core functioning and core demographic of the 27 million fantasy football fans and it will be exciting to see how this game develops in the future.


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