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Microsoft Brings Bing Inline With the One Microsoft Philosophy

posted Saturday Sep 21, 2013 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft Brings Bing Inline With the One Microsoft Philosophy

Over the past year, we have watched as Microsoft has redefined itself. From a completely redesigned Windows, to an entry into hardware and a corporate reorganization, topped by CEO Steve Ballmer's retirement, it is a completely new Microsoft. The one thing that has been the staple of the new One Microsoft philosophy is a central branding.

Starting with a new Windows logo to a redesigned corporate logo, and of course the evolution of the Xbox logo with the introduction of Xbox One, every major Microsoft brand has had a redesign, save for one: Bing.

Microsoft fixed that this week, unveiling a new Bing logo and showing off the future of the Bing brand. The logo, seen to the right, certainly matches the look and feel of One Microsoft: simple, clean lines that align to the Microsoft grid design. The primary color has been altered, from a darker blue to the corporate orange-yellow from the bottom-right corner of the logo, retiring the blue entirely. The font is, expectedly, an altered version of Segoe, which is the font used in all currently Microsoft marketing materials, as well as Windows 8.

One fear with a major redesign like this is that the brand image will be lost. Luckily, the thing that has always been associated with Bing, the beautiful, colorful photography on the homepage, is not going anywhere. In fact, Bing has emphasized their commitment to beautiful full-bleed photography throughout the Bing universe, even including a branded photo in their announcement message.

One of the things that I thought was interesting about the new brand is what Bing calls the Searchlight graphic. Essentially, they took the new Bing takeaway symbol and extended all of the lines towards infinity and, using colors and transparencies, created a truly beautiful graphic. I have absolutely no idea where or why it could ever be used, but I love the look of it.

You can check out all of the information about the branding at Bing, and can see all of the new Microsoft logos within context after the break.


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