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Windows 8 Release Date Set

posted Saturday Jul 21, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Windows 8 Release Date Set

We have known for a while that Windows 8 would be released in October. For those who weren't convinced, even Samsung said their tablet would release in October. The problem has been that we had no idea when in October to expect it; would it be early or late? Our expectation has been late, as Microsoft tends to release products at the end of October regularly.

This week, Microsoft confirmed my suspicions at their annual sales meeting, announcing that October 26 would be the official date for Windows 8's release to consumer. That means, whether you want to buy a full version to install on an existing computer, or purchase a new PC pre-installed with Win8, that is the date you will be able to do it. Keep in mind that, since Windows 8 is a single OS for desktop, laptop and tablet, all of these form factors will be available at launch.

I don't know about you, but October 26 is already on my calendar. I have been waiting for the full Metro experience on the larger screen, and I don't mean Xbox, since Windows Phone showed the ease and power of the experience. We've been running it in our offices on some of our development machines for months and can't wait for the final, stable version. Will you be picking up Windows 8 at launch? Let us know in the comments.


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