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Chinese Student Builds an iPad - Sort Of

posted Sunday Nov 27, 2011 by Scott Ertz

Chinese Student Builds an iPad - Sort Of

Apple seems to hold a strange place in the hearts of the people of China. From selling kidneys and virginity, to counterfeiting entire stores, they sure do show their attachment to the company and its products. What do you do if your girlfriend wants an iPad, but you are not a virgin and need to keep both of your kidneys? Build it yourself, of course.

That is exactly what Wei Xinlong, a senior at the Art & Design Department at Northeast Normal University did. Well, kind of. Using a touchscreen and battery he purchased and parts from an old laptop, Wei built an entirely touchscreen device that "one can read, download, watch movies, play games by just touching the screen." The casing, all hand-cut, is adorned with rhinestones and has the Apple logo on the front. Unlike an iPad, though, it can be used for useful things because it runs Windows. It even has all of the ports you would expect on a device, like VGA and USB. The best part? It only cost him $125 to build.

It seems to me this thing is like the perfect gift - less expensive than an iPad, running Windows and has connectivity, plus it was built by someone she loves. It doesn't get much better than that. Head over to the source article at the bottom to see some more pictures of the device.


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