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Windows Phone App Marketplace Reaches 40,000 Apps

posted Sunday Nov 27, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Windows Phone App Marketplace Reaches 40,000 Apps

It's time to show love to the WinPho 7. The Windows Phone app marketplace is now loaded with more than 40,000 different apps. The All About Windows Phone website uses a tracking system that can identify trends and project figures. The system currently shows that about 165 apps are added to the Marketplace each day, would should give us more than 50,000 apps in January.

In the past three months, we've seen 11,000 apps added to the store and around 5,000 of them were submitted in the past 30 days. For the Marketplace in general, the numbers show that the WinPho platform is really starting to gain attention off the heels of their giant Windows Phone event. 10,000 of the recently added applications are from new and different publishers.

We also have a partial breakdown of the genres of apps submitted: 15% are games, 15% are books and reference, productivity tools coming in at 14% and 13% are entertainment. There are also over 65% of the apps coming in at the low, low price of free.

Unfortunately, 40,000 is nothing compared to Android's 400,000 or Apple's 500,000 total apps in their respective stores. However, while the Marketplace may lack in the total amount of apps, it does have the most popular apps, even if the WinPho platform doesn't boast 28,000 iMoo applications.

The flip of all of this is that unlike Android and iOS, Microsoft doesn't rely on an empty operating system with an ability to download 1,000 apps to over seven different home screens. Windows Phone comes stock with a lot of useful programs already built-in to the system, especially with the Mango update. WinPho by default has Office Mobile, song search ability, local search and Facebook and Twitter integration. Of course, if you want to view PDFs, you still need an app for that and some other basic functionality still needs to be searched and downloaded.

The point here though is that Windows Phone is really taking off quickly now. I just hope Sprint and Verizon get some CDMA love from Microsoft before it becomes too late for that side to believe in Windows Phone like we do at the show. Remember, friends don't let friends buy iOS.


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