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Virginity is Better Than a Kidney

posted Sunday Jul 3, 2011 by Scott Ertz

Virginity is Better Than a Kidney

We have talked in the past about what some people might do to get an iPhone, such as selling a kidney on the Internet. Well, it turns out that a kidney is worth a lot more than we expected. In fact, it is worth about the same as the virginity of a teenage girl.

Instead of a Chinese boy and a kidney, this time we have a Chinese girl who has offered her virginity in exchange for an iPhone 4. While the boy found a broker to sell his kidney, the girl took to a Twitter-like service in China, called Weibo, looking for sex. She says that her dream is to own an iPhone 4 but her father refuses to purchase one for her.

There are a couple of possible situations here. First, it's possible that a friend or hacker has gained access to her account and is playing a really weird prank on her. Second, Apple's marketing has finally affected the morality of the population as a whole instead of just those who work for the company. The most likely situation, however, is that the Chinese media blackout has prevented this girl from knowing an iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4s) is right around the corner and she should just wait a few months.


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