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A Kidney for an iPad

posted Saturday Jun 4, 2011 by Scott Ertz

A Kidney for an iPad

Apple fanboys are willing to trade all kinds of crazy things for an iPad - tons of money, their integrity, but one Chinese boy was willing to trade even more - one of his kidneys. The boy, 17-year-old "Zheng," was searching for a way to raise enough money to purchase an iPad 2 but could not find a viable source. That is, until he met a broker online who offered to pay 22,000 yuan, or about $3,000, for one of his kidneys.

The operation took place totally without his parents' knowledge or, obviously, consent. The only way they knew what had happened was when his mother realized her son had both an iPad and an iPhone and knew there was no way he could have afforded them. She questioned him and he folded and told her the whole story. She reported it and the cops are investigating.

This really goes to prove the theory that Jon presented that Apple users are delusional, but this is a definite exaggeration of the theory. I hope this is an isolated incident and more people don't start doing this.


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