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Dish Network Introduces Blockbuster Movie Streaming Service

posted Sunday Sep 4, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Dish Network Introduces Blockbuster Movie Streaming Service

After acquiring Blockbuster and deciding to keep almost all of their remaining stores open for some strange reason, Dish Network has decided to launch a Blockbuster streaming service to compete with the likes of Netflix.

How? We have more after the break.

With the Netflix price hikes happening as we speak, the idea here seems sound, but it's been done before. Blockbuster tried to do an online-streaming option a while back, however it failed miserably. To make up for the $320 million they spent, Dish seems to think they can pull this off. It does also come off of the heels of Starz backing out of a possible Netflix deal and deciding now to move in with DishBuster.

Rumors are circulating as to what the entire streaming service will entail. Some are thinking that popular Blockbuster movies would be made available on-demand through Dish set-top boxes or that they will introduce the option similar to that of Netflix, with streaming-only, DVD-only or combo options. Now this package would compliment the current features for Blockbuster, such as their Blockbuster On Demand rental service, where this will be subscription-based instead of one-time payments and will most likely include a much larger selection of titles to choose from.

The question here is will this package work? Will we see success like Amazon Prime is having or will it just be another streaming service to throw into the mix of new competition trying to enter the market? We'll keep you posted and if the service is good, we will definitely let you know.


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