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T-Mobile Loses 50,000 Customers in Q2, Note It as a Huge Success

posted Friday Aug 5, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

T-Mobile Loses 50,000 Customers in Q2, Note It as a Huge Success

It's about time that T-Mobile gets a little payback for all the lies that have spilled about their 4G network. From the start, their 4G claims were unfounded, to the point where companies like Metro PCS, AT&T and Verizon took advantage by boasting honest, reliable networks that truly had faster speeds. Customers were leaving T-Mobile for greener, faster pastures, regardless of the number before the G. They even tried to save some face by launching some 4G tablets, but that caused even more turmoil among customers who were really expecting lightning data rates.

This all proved to be a great opportunity for AT&T to snag the company in a $39 billion merger back in March, hoping to tap into some of their customer base before everyone caught onto their act of deceit.

Did it work? Tap that break to find out.

However, T-Mobile had already started to lose customers by the thousands, and we have the numbers this week. The company has reported that for Q2, they lost a staggering 50,000 customers. The good news is that they seem optimistic about this big number. Could it be because they lost almost half a million customers in Q1? No, in fact T-Mobile glazed over that daunting figure and said that 50k isn't too bad of a loss because in Q2 of last year, they dropped 93,000, so by only losing half of that this year, that's a win! That makes sense, right?

President and CEO Philipp Humm said that the numbers are so bad because they are in a "challenging market." Don't worry, though, because he also said that consumers should look at the good points about T-Mobile, like their expanded 4G coverage, or that 29% of its users have a 3G or 4G smartphone, so there's that.

In essence, a huge drop in numbers isn't a bad thing, especially when the CEO might be out the door once the merger goes through next year and that all of the bad things go away when you put up that nice 4G sign. Mad props to you, T-Mobile. You put on a pretty good show.


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