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RIM Recalls 1,000 Faulty PlayBooks

posted Sunday May 22, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

RIM Recalls 1,000 Faulty PlayBooks

Ever since CES 2011, we have been excited about the release of BlackBerry's Playbook, which should have won Best of CES, but we won't go there. We have speculated since the announcement that between the HP TouchPad and the PlayBook, the tablet market would be finally changed and made better with the addition of these smarter, better and actually useful devices.

Unfortunately, the release of the PlayBook has not come with just happy thoughts and good wishes. After a failed attempt at an employment site, another small tragedy struck RIM this week, as over 1,000 of the new tablets have been recalled by BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion.

For more on the story and some good news about it, click the break.

The PlayBooks in question have been shipped out with a malfunctioning operating system that could prevent customers from actually starting the initial setup of the device. Oops?

RIM has said in a statement that not all hope is lost, though. The affected tablets have not actually reached potential buyers, and that they are still in the process of reaching the shelves. Popular tech blogs have already reported that these PlayBooks were shipped to Staples, but didn't say if they were US or Canadian stores.

RIM is working to replace the affected devices. In the small number of cases where a customer received a PlayBook that is unable to properly load software upon initial set-up, they can contact RIM for assistance.

After last year's acquisition of QNX that they have implemented into the PlayBook, RIM is looking for good things to come out of this tablet, as are we. This small setback shouldn't cause too many problems, but we'll keep you posted on any further development of faulty devices in the supply lines.


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