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BlackBerry is Looking for Some Special Jobs

posted Sunday Jan 16, 2011 by Scott Ertz

BlackBerry is Looking for Some Special Jobs

While RIM might have wowed us with the BlackBerry PlayBook last week, they are wowing us in a whole new way this week. Not because one of their products is so good but because one of their marketing people is so very, very bad.

Someone at RIM decided to join the trend of cute, short domain names that get across a particular point. In this case, the company decided to register a domain to lead people directly to their hiring portal. Unfortunately, this domain was apparently never brought to the attention of anyone under the age of 60. If it had, I guarantee it would never have been registered by the company.

What is the domain that caused all of this trouble? Hit the break to find out.

The domain that RIM thought would bring them the perfect new recruits is While, to an older demographic this might seem the perfect way to quickly gain access to RIM's hiring portal, the people who might actually type in this domain are looking for something different. Probably NOT the high-quality recruits RIM is looking for to improve the BlackBerry brand.


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