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Wizard World's Miami ComicCon - 3000 Brigade

posted Sunday Feb 27, 2011 by Scott Ertz

Wizard World's Miami ComicCon - 3000 Brigade

This weekend was the first Miami ComicCon, Wizard World's first Florida event. Regular Florida con-goers and PLuGHiTz Live! Radio subscribers will know the 3000 Brigade. If you don't, they are "a troupe of performers committed to creating enjoyable Nintendo/Video Game-parody shows, rated "M" for mature!"

They have been he highlight of some of our past convention coverage, so we knew we would have to go see their newest show, The Almost Got-em - Villains Unite Show and, as always, we were not disappointed. Their newest show, debuted at the convention, was the best yet. With new some characters and old favorites, there were more characters than ever before.

If you're still not sure who they are and what they do, hit the break to see the 3000 Brigade Epic History video.


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