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ConvergeUS Is Atwitter About Social Change

posted Sunday Feb 27, 2011 by Jon Wurm

ConvergeUS Is Atwitter About Social Change

All of us here at PLuGHiTz Live! have been or are currently involved in projects that have great potential to effect social change. We understand first hand the power and potential that technology has to make a positive impact in countless lives and are always grateful to find more and more groups taking up arms to do so.

One such group is ConvergeUS which aims to take on problems with early childhood education and families, healthcare, as well as emergency preparedness and sustainability, by using the power of collaboration and technology. TechNet founded ConvergeUS in Spring 2010 and is partnering with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone to create a real-time 24/7 platform where producers and consumers can meet to focus on solving specific problems.

Our three-pronged approach is patterned after the intense focus deployed in solving specific problems like the need to create the atomic bomb in the Manhattan Project and the national imperative to put a man on the moon in the Apollo Space Mission

To find out more about how ConvergeUS will tackle tough social issues, hit the break.

ConvergeUS will hold a yearly summit where experts in social issues and problem-solvers will talk about specific problems along with their "innovation Fellows," which are technology sector participants aligned through ConvergeUS. As mentioned before they are developing a platform called the "Online Clearinghouse for Innovation Fellows and other Social Innovators," that will do just what the name states, serve as a market place for innovation. To hear Biz Stone give his take on ConvergeUS, check out the YouTube video posted below.

If you like what they do and want to share some ideas they encourage you to do so here. Also feel free to let us know what you're thinking so that we can come up with great solutions together.


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