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Drinking Leads to Better Scientists

posted Sunday Jan 16, 2011 by Scott Ertz

Semiconductors are an interesting technology. Like most metals, they conduct electricity and also like most metals, they have resistance. The difference is, semiconductors can have their resistance altered by outside influences, such as temperature and components.

A group of researchers at the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan were testing the influences of soaking parts of the semiconductor in various conductive fluids, like water and ethanol. Obviously, the conductive liquids would improve the conductivity of the unit as a whole. The results must have been pretty positive because they decided to celebrate their findings.

To read about what they discovered at their party, hit the break.

The party included sake, wine, beer and other standard, commercial booze. Well, somewhere along the way, someone decided they should try soaking the chips in the liquor they had everywhere and they made an incredible discovery.

Apparently, red wine improved the conductivity to over 62% of the chip. Compared to the 15% for the ethanol mixture and even less for straight water, this is incredible. Who would have ever guessed getting drunk at the office could have such a positive impact on the tech industry.


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