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Dallas Cowboys Domain Expires at Worst Time Ever

posted Sunday Nov 14, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Dallas Cowboys Domain Expires at Worst Time Ever

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was very busy last week. His beloved Cowboys, while having the biggest and most expensive stadium in the history of the NFL, is also having the biggest flop of a season in franchise history since the 70s. He just fired his long-term head coach Wade Philips for the debacle that he is, and worst of all, at the same time he was in his ranch house in Dallas cleaning house, his domain dallascowboys.com expired.

Apparently the domain was expired before their blowout loss to the Packers last Sunday, but wasn't put on sale until that night. Some users trying to access the site upon hearing the news the day after the loss, however, weren't able to. Others saw the parked domain. ESPN and other websites were reporting the Cowboys' website to be down because of high traffic after the firing, but we now know the real reason behind that.

For a picture of the site as it was during the downtime, hit the break.

If you visited the site between last Monday and last Thursday, you would have seen the following image.

cowboys site fail

Good news is that owner Jerry Jones quickly renewed the site upon finding out of the expiration and it is now set to auto-renew. The reason the site was down for days is because it can take up to five days for the site to come back online. More good news is that rival Giants fans didn't pickup the website and hold it for ransom. What's crazy about this is that you get multiple emails about the upcoming expiration (unless your domain is controlled by a Canadian company) and you can auto-renew for years on end. We here at the show aren't ones to speak on that matter, though.


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