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A Story About Fable.

posted Sunday Oct 24, 2010 by Josh Henry

A Story About Fable.

As you may or may not know, Lionhead Studio's game Fable III is about to hit the shelves this Tuesday. I have some good news for those of you that are planning on buying the game and some kind of good news for those of you that pre-ordered the game. First, the kind of good news. If you were wise enough to pre-order Fable III you will get an exclusive chance to make another mark on the world of Albion, by creating your very own villager! The only problem is that they (Lionshead) have been having some technical difficulties when it comes to creating said villager. While there have been a few slight detours here and there it seems as though it is up and running again, but we will only be able to tell if the character creator really works once the game launches this Tuesday. In case you are wondering if you can still get your hands on a redeemable code to creator a villager, the good news is that you can; just make sure you make your character by the expiration date of November 23rd.

For the really good news, hit the break.

The really good news for anyone that has decided to buy Lionhead's newest game, pre-ordered or not, is that you are eligible to get your hands on free downloadable content. "What is this free downloadable content?" you ask. One flask of Raise Dead potion, another of Slow Time potion, the Scot Male/Female Hero Outfit, the Highlander Tattoo Set and the Red Setter skin for your pixelated canine companion.

It seems one of the things Fable III is bringing to the table is the ability to really customize your experience in the world of Albion. One of the most popular ways is the phone application, Fable III: Kingmaker, that has rounded up 60,000 users to its cause. The app makes use of geolocation which allows its loyal subjects to fight over virtual territory in real-world London in order to gain some tender in Fable III on Xbox 360, which will be launching on Oct 29th. Users "plant flags" at specific locations, and Microsoft says that one million have been planted since Kingmaker's release on October 1st.


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