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Don't Like The Street View? Google CEO Says GTFO?

posted Friday Oct 22, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Don't Like The Street View? Google CEO Says GTFO?

Google is still in hot water with regards to their infamous Street View cars and their intrusive WiFi probing. There has been some speculation as to how severe the intrusion was and in a Google blog post by the senior vice president of engineering and research this past May, he went on to say that the data collected were only fragments, despite the fact that no one inside Google had analyzed the data at that time. Since then the data has been analyzed and Alan Eustace concluded, "That while most of the data is fragmentary, in some instances entire emails and URLs were captured, as well as passwords." I can also imagine they know where you keep your porn. Of course they want to delete this data as soon as possible but there is still no word that it has been destroyed. The newest controversy in this matter centers around a statement made by Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Hit the break to find out what the Google CEO said that isn't helping their cause.

Schmidt has been out doing some damage control but after a recent appearance on Parker Spitzer, a CNN program, he may have epically failed to control the damage. One of the concerns he addressed was about people feeling uncomfortable about their houses being viewable on Street View. He made several statements in doing so, "The important point is we only do it once. This is not a monitoring situation." Also, "We're very careful to not have real-time information about where people are."

So far so good but that's about to change. After explaining that the Street View cars are a one time thing he made the remark, "So, you can just move right?" Afterwards he chuckled about it which leaves some doubt as to the seriousness of the remark but even if meant as a joke there's no way it could be received well. Google already has strained relationships with companies and governments so why not add homeowners to the list?

How do you feel about Schmidt's remark? Was he being pompous or simply trying to lighten the mood?


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