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Nar Shaddaa?? No Way!!!

posted Sunday Aug 1, 2010 by Josh Henry

Nar Shaddaa?? No Way!!!

For those of you who played the second Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords you may remember a little moon known as Nar Shaddaa. One of the most vibrant and dangerous places in the galaxy, the place is a sprawling cityscape where nothing comes without a price. Dominated by a black market that caters to every indulgence, the moon has become the ultimate symbol of corruption. The upper levels present an endless parade of glittering neon towers and floating pleasure palaces; no greater concentration of wealth exists across the galaxy.

Well this week, BioWare decided to reveal yet ANOTHER planet, and this time it's something to get excited for, if you played the original KoTOR series that is. This newly announced planet gives us a total of 14 planets to explore. Just a little fun fact, this game alone has one less planet than the first two had combined, and we are still another year from release. This meaning that there are still even more planets to be revealed, as well as even more content for the players of the game to get their hands on.

To find out more about this content, hit the break.

As the spring of 2011 gets closer to us I keep getting more and more excited for this game, and it seems like that nothing is going to change that. BioWare is truly looking to compete with the MMO juggernaut World of Warcraft, and if you as me, Blizzard is going to have a run for their money. Not only does this game seem to have more content pre-release than WoW has currently, the game also seems to look and play a lot smoother based on some gameplay that I have recently seen.

It is also worth mentioning that the first issue of Star Wars: The Old Republic Threat of Peace from Dark Horse Comics is available in print! Threat of Peace unveils a galaxy on the brink of destruction three hundred years after the events of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, so if you are interested in learning about the universe you will be playing in pick yourself up a copy at your nearest comic shop!


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